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The PCB Foundation was established in 2010 as a non-profit organzation to realize Professor Dr.Chaiyong Brahmawong's dreams to bring changes and innovations to Thailand's social, economic, educational, Industrial, agricultural, scientific, technological, medical, and cultural systems to revitalize Thai ways and heritages.

         The ultimate aims are to bring up Siamese identity to it's full status as a leader of Asian countries on the land areas of 16 million square kilometers 8,000 years ago. Siam, not India, has been a cradle of World cultures. The word In was the name of our first recorded King of Siam, King In Kao Keaw; thus meaning the Eatern Kingdom.

        In 283 BC, according to ancient stone plate donate of Koo Bua, a Siamese naval fleet, led by King Tawan Athiraja, conquered the Dao Vao Islands (presently Davao in the Phillipines) and established the Kuan Petchara Capital and reigned over the Dao Vao Island for five hundred years. Also, King Tawan Athiraja conguered the Pacific Islands of Nai Kha Lor (Papua New Guinee), Pola (presently northen Australia) and Jor Ka Tor (presently Indonesia) and established a Buddhist Kingdom in Indonesia, led by Venerable Pra Uttara Thera and Pra Sona Thera. Indonesia remained Buddhism for near 1,000 years with Buro Budur (High Hill stupas) as the last Buddhist warshipping temple.

        For 8,000 years, Siam remained No.1 as the most powerful economical hub of Southeast Asia in until the time of Western colonialisation.

        In the early Bangkok Era before foreign colonialism to Asia, the Siamese Baht was as stong as the British pounds (1Baht=1£) and stronger than the French Franc (1Baht=2F). We lived peacefully in the land rich with natural resources and was known as the Kitchen of the World. Siamese people, comprising Thai, Lao, Kampuchea, Burma and Raman, had been living peacefully showing out their happy living with friendship and smiles.

        The PCB Foundation proposed a number of Humanitarian projects to boost Thailand's social systems and we have received good responses from international donors in Europe and the USA.

        Please join us to strengthen our potentialities by giving donations to help pull Thailand from getting struck from the sucking sands of political corruptions.

        With extreme respects from us,
                Professor Dr.Chaiyong Brahmawong
                Chairman of PCB Foundation.

Professor Dr.Chaiyong Brahmawong Foundation adheres to the belief and values that man can be elevated to the higher state of mind through good educaton and development by providing them with appropriate environments.

"Elevating Mankind with Morality, Wisdoms and Justice"

The Thai society full of educated, high morality, smart citizen who live happily and peacefully. The images of successes are:

        1. Establishing Community Learning Centers in each Tambon or groups of Tambon and their satellites CLC in each Mooban to replace small schools with less than 200 students equipped with Ubiquitous learning packages and modules for Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary and Vocational Education;

        2. Reestablishing Specialized Universities to address to the academic and professional needs for each specilization, i.e. Medicine (Health Sciences), Industrialized Agriculture, Music, Fines Arts and Creativiy, Laws and Public Affairs, Cooperatives, Education, Senior Homes and Aging Sciences, Economic and Commercial Sciences, and Community Development.

        3. Strengthening Clean and Green Environment, Renewal Energies, and Water Resources Development;

        4. Relocating God Buddha's birthplace from Nepal or India to the presen lands of Thailand, Laos, Kampuchea, Mianmar and Malla.

        5. Establishing Cultural Centers to promote arts, tradtions and religious activities in each village all over Thailand.

PCB Foundation is mandated to seek financial resouces from charity organizations and gold heart millionnaires fromall over the world to help develop mankind in all needed areas with the following commitments:

          1. Developing and proposing  project proposals in the target fields of development and submit to international fund providers world wide:

        2. Requesting financial assistance in the form of donations from fund provider for non-committed financial resources to execcute the proposed projects;

        3. Establishing net works of non-profit organizations who have expertises to implement the approved projects according to the terms of references;

        4. Evaluating and assessing the completed projects to meet the requirements of the fund providers and the PCB Foundation;

        5. Reasses the project management and give recommendations for future improvement;

        6.  Filing interval and final reports to all concerned parties, public and privates.

PCBF Objectives

        1.  To promote, support, provide culsultation, and disseminate skills, knowledge and experiences in educational technologies anc communications;

         2. To conduct teaching and training in academic and professional educational technologies anc communications;

         3. To produce instructional and training packages in educational technologies anc communications;

         4. To promote, support, and disseminate Thai Art and Cultures; Thai authentic 8000 years history, and History of Buddhism;

         5. To establish educational innovations and reserach institution,  Human Resources Development Insitutes, Professional Training Institues via Ubiquitous environments both obsite or class-based environment, on-line and borderless environment;

         6. To set up printing and publishing organizations;

         7. To provide educational grants and scholarship to school and universities students;

         8. To implement and enter collaborations with other organizations for public services.

         The PCB Foundation shall support the Democratic System under the Monarchy and make no commitment to five financial supports to any politcal parties or movement as well as setting snookers and gambling machanism; engaging in any for-profit business and unethical activities to deteriate national culture and traditions.